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Seasonal Gift Basket

My Basket Link:

All I'm looking for is for these to be maniped with the desired faces and then made with the vampire face from the Vampire Diaries or TVD and for the wall requests to be filled as well and sent to my trick r treat basket, no rush please

Willow Rosenberg manip requests: manip/vamping only please

Willow/Angel(us) manip requests: manip/vamping only

Angel/Willow/Klaus manip requests: manip/vamping only

Angela Weber(Christian Serratos) manip requests: manip/vamping only,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg

Willow Rosenberg/Dracula manip requests: manip/vamping only

Angela/Riley from the twilight saga: manip/vamping only

Jessica Szohr vamping requests:

Wallpaper Requests:

Willow as Scarlet Witch:

Willow as Catwoman wall 1:

Willow as Catwoman wall 2:

Willow as the White Phoenix:

Lily Drake aka Liltih wall 1:

Lily Drake aka Lilith wall 2:

Kat Dennings as Blink wall 1:

Kat Dennings as Blink wall 2:

Angela/Riley from Twilight Saga wall 1:

Angela/Riley from Twilight saga wall 2:

Angela/Riley as Dracula wall 1:

Angela/Riley as Dracula wall 2: Text; I have crossed the oceans of time to find you